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Some little things about me.

1// I was born in England and spent my early childhood there until I was ten when I moved to Cape Town with my parents. I consider myself British (and half Greek) as England is where I feel most connected to and at home.

2// I’m an only child and while I do have two amazing older half sisters that live in England, I’ve never lived with them and still consider myself an only child. Spending my whole life being alone with myself a lot, I’ve grown to love my own company (a little too much) and have become quite an independent person. Until I need my parents to make phone calls for me, do my washing and all those fun adult responsibilities that I have yet to tackle.  

3// I love slow, relaxing mornings. There’s something inspiring about the hours just before or after sunrise where you have nowhere to go and no one to be, that bring a sense of serenity. A time to yourself to just be you, manifest your intentions for the day or week or your life and energise for the hours that follow. 

4// I like to think of myself as a yogi as I’ve been doing yoga on and off for around two years and love everything about it! The connection to myself, my body and the inner peace I feel throughout practicing it. While it’s something I tend to go days and days without, as soon as I’m back on my mat, I remember exactly why I keep coming back. 

5// Sunsets are one of my favourite things to see and one of my favourite times of the day. They always reminds me of how exquisite the earth’s beauty is. I can never comprehend how so many diverse and harmonised colour tones appear in the peculiar atmosphere of the sky each night but the not knowing how it comes about makes it even more magical. 

6// One of my favourite things to do is write in journals, plan and manifest my future dream life and aspirations and pour out all of my fanatical and perplexing feelings. I have draws and boxes filled with unfinished notebooks and diaries, containing stories and memories I rarely read back on. So all the words and letters sit in darkness, sleeping amongst their written neighbours, spilling their secrets to one another while I create more memories to join their gatherings. 

7// I would describe my sense of style as quite minimal. While I adore fashion and the creative expression it holds, I tend to stick to neutral tones with hints of patterns, florals and colour. I often catch myself admiring everyone’s clothing style while driving which is a habit I definitely should not stick to! But I love to see how each person takes on different ways of piecing together items to create their own unique expression of individuality. 

8// Foods from the earth are my favourite. In particular avocados (especially smashed on crunchy toast), bananas, pink lady apples, orange melon (basically all fruits in general), nut butters, vegan chocolate, sweet potato and medjool dates! If I could live off just these foods for the rest of my life, I would be very very content and would dance everyday, eating spoonfuls of nut butters and handfuls of fresh fruit!

9// Harry Potter is a very big part of my life and something that always manages to brighten up my mood, even in the smallest of ways through a couple of delicate notes from its soundtrack, the mention of magical worlds or a flicker of light, ever reminding me that magic is real. 

10// A characteristic of mine that is both negative and positive is that I am a huge perfectionist. It leaves me starting endless amounts of creative projects and never finishing them as they never feel good enough or up to the mountainous standards I set myself. My perfectionism, amongst my other flawed characteristics cause endless internal battles with myself and my struggles with mental health. However, I am on the path of healing and recovery and everyday I discover more and more about myself and life that brings me closer to the inner peace I crave. 

11// Photography and videography are my favourite ways to get lost into a world of imaginative creativity. While I’ve struggled for too long with my mental-health and my body, it’s taken so much of my time away from the things I love to do and became distracted for many years, leaving me lost without my creative nature. However, my passion still remains and is tiptoeing it’s way back into my life as I heal and rediscover my sense of self and joy.  

12// Travelling and exploring and the idea of it all brings me so much excitement. I dream of owning a cute green, blue or pink bicycle with a basket on the front and cycling around cities and villages, meeting new people and capturing the diversity of it all in memory filled journals of imagery and words. 

13// My favourite colours are green and white, the colours of plants and peace. The theme of my bedroom is based around green and white tones, creating an open and bright, yet blissful and serene space for creativity and rest.

14// I am very much an over thinker and deep thinker, constantly preoccupied with the meaning of life and questioning everything that runs wild inside my head. I am always intensively observing the world around me and everyone in it to try and get a better understanding of the entirety of what I come across each day. However, I try not to let my thoughts override the serenity of my mind. 

Photographs from my instagram: @stephhalexis


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