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Autumn in Paris.

Ambling amongst orange and yellow painted leaves, my third time in this beautiful city, I felt a deep connection once again. A motivation, an inspiration flowing through the breeze and a sense of serenity amidst the overly active minds of the beings around me.  As around every corner, there is a new place to explore, a new shade of green and a new opportunity to unearth a part of yourself that may have been buried under your former roots of existence

Aesthetically aged buildings fill the city, with their grey painted roofs and little chimneys, each expelling their own memoirs, conversations and alluring concealed whispers tangled in between wisps of smoke. It’s neutral tones of beige, green, monochromes and browns added to the simplicity of the city, along with the elegant style that fills every pathway. 

The view of the city from Arc du Triomphe was something I never thought my eyes would be able to see. The mist that filled the skies made it even more magical to experience. The roads were framed with overgrown broccoli shaped trees, enclosing layers of impeccably sculpted structures. The structures reached vastly out into the atmosphere, disappearing with the clouds that hovered above them, keeping them sheltered from the overhead disputes of the atmosphere.

Both day and night in Paris are irreplaceably exceptional, not one better than the other. By day, Paris is filled with never ending bliss in amongst it’s decorative sceneries and sunlight filled pathways. While by night, streets are illuminated by artificial sparkles of magic, lighting up the shadowy and vivacious nightly presence of beings. 

I thought that I had yet to uncover the romantic ambiance of the city. However, Paris’s romanticism is not only conveyed between the love of two people but in the passion that drifts in between each breathe taken. Inhaling an affectionate ache of passion and vision, whether it be expressed between two souls, burning sunlight that falls into shadowy depths of the River Seine at dusk or the swift second between the meeting of ones lips to the sweetened taste of a warm, freshly baked pastry. 

I could conjure up a billion and nine more sentences to describe this beautiful city but I will leave that for you to venture into and write for yourselves if you ever happen to find yourself hopping off a metro and into the mesmerising, irreplaceable streets of Paris. In eight months time, this city will be my new home for the next three years. I would be dishonest if I said I wasn’t terrified. But at the same time, I’m overjoyed that I get this opportunity to immerse myself into the cliches of new beginnings, independence and freedom to start again but also continue with my ever-changing journey of life. 




















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