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Rosy Daydreams

A string of words and collages crafted from feelings felt from a colour.


Gazes overshadowed by rosy hues as the sky explodes with a multitude of mauve raindrops; a world is seen through shades of pink pigments.

A vanilla sponge cake sheltered by pink fondant, saved till last with each slice, mixed together with the remains of jam delicately smothered on its porcelain plate. Or eaten first, by those that find pleasure in beginnings.

Fresh pink wildflowers and elegant carnations picked on a sunrise stroll in the summer when the weightless breeze is waking up the leaves and the heartbeats of strangers that cross your path with sleepy smiles.

Cushions filled with feathery metaphoric rose petals, pouring out allures of admiration into your dreams, filling them with shades of salmon, blush, champagne, rose and cherry blossoms.

The colour of the glitter that laces your face, illuminated by the night and all of its stars in the form of lovers and far away lands pulling you into their mystical mumbles.

Fresh figs and strawberries that stain your taste buds with tenderness and a blush of crimson juice, dancing to the sound of cymbals and synthetic sounds.

The shades of sunsets and sunrises as the sun warms your skin with its stillness, softly sending you into a rosy daydream.

pink 2

*Collages made by me. Images found from Tumblr & Pinterest.


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