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Poem & Pictures from Warsaw


After finishing my first year of university in Paris, the following two days were spent packing away my Parisian life and its belongings into three suitcases and a few bags, storing them away, eating sushi and wandering around Paris with a friend. Travelling was next on the agenda and i packed away my things to hop on a morning plane the next day to go to Berlin, Warsaw and London. Packing away all of my things for storage while i am away from Paris for the summer was a strange process. Realising the unimportance of so many of the items and clothes i owned and realising that if i were to lose a suitcase in the sea, the world wouldn’t stop spinning. But regardless, i packed it all up and went on my way.

Berlin was a fast paced sum of events that were washed away with the rain that fell when we arrived. Tourist attractions, a breathtaking hotel, delicious meals and attending a memorable event for my dads work. A rushed array of little excitements and skyline views while the sun was setting but Berlin left me feeling a little confused about its character and complexion as a city but I guess I’ll have to venture back someday to properly explore its entire environment. 

One and a half days later I was onto the next plane to Warsaw, Poland. Warsaw contained an ambiance that rose with the warm, morning sun, renewing my creativity and flooding me with its picturesque palettes. I felt particularly anonymous and contained in my own little bubble wandering around Warsaw in the little time I had, through its old town with its multicoloured buildings and intriguing streets. I had no knowledge of its history, the language, where I was or what was around me but I walked and I explored. Pink and purple roses lined the streets, multitudes of rotating wheels passed me and fresh air consumed my entire being. I felt inspired and ready to blossom for my next escapade to London. 



















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