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Peonies & Colourful Streets

A few weeks ago, the rain drizzled and avocado toast and flowers were on my mind. I met two friends at a small, lovely cafe called Peonies in the 10th arrondissement, the first cafe in Paris to sell flowers and coffee both in the same place. I wore my light pink jumper purely to match with the colours of the cafe. Small details that maybe only I notice but it’s the small things in life after all.

I loved every part of the cafe, from it’s pastel pink tables to the floral artwork on its walls to the perfectly prepared avocado toast that successfully satisfied my cravings. Next time I go, I will definitely try their lovely looking sweet treats and will purchase a bouquet of flowers in the spring time and happily stroll along the streets of Paris with a full heart and soul.



The next weekend, I ventured out to rue Cremieux, which I had seen to promise colourful houses nestled away from Paris’s historic architecture, similar to houses in Notting Hill, which is one of my favourite places to explore. The street definitely lived up to its expectations. I wandering along it for ages, looking at the colours and imagining what type of people choose to inhabit such beautifully painted places.

Each house had their own unique colour scheme with contrasting colours of shutters and walls with plants bordering their exteriors. Behind every door there was a unique story to be told. An empty Nutella jar sat outside of one, old bikes lent against some of their walls, plants sat on their windowsills and I even came across a beautiful white cat that sat in a window, gazing at the passers by and soaking up all the admiration it received when it was noticed. Places like these make me wonder a lot about the lives of others and what thoughts circle peoples minds as they go about their day, how they decide what to do that day, what are their greatest fears and aspirations, what is their favourite breakfast food. Endless questions I plan to explore in a blog series I hope to start soon. But for now, I remain continuously curious.



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